Issue 10 - August, 2022 - Nayax

A Better Back to the Office Experience with Nayax

According to Vending Market Watch, 24% more employees returned to the office in Q2 2022 compared to Q1. This trend is taking place around the world, as employers are requesting that employees work in a hybrid model or go back to working full time from the office. After two years of many workers working from home, companies have to rebuild their company culture to help employees readjust to working from the office. This creates an interesting opportunity for unattended retail merchants. 

An important part of working at the office is the relationships that are built with coworkers. One of the best parts of going back to work after years of meeting over Zoom is seeing colleagues and making small talk with them over a cup of coffee. Office Coffee Services (OCS) are an important part of office culture, as they give workers a sense of community and boost employee satisfaction. 

Not only will employees appreciate the hot cup of coffee, but with Nayax's VPOS Touch or Onyx devices, you can offer them a great payment experience. Onyx accepts all contactless, cashless payment methods as well as Interac, and also offers great incentives and loyalty benefits. With Nayax's Monyx Wallet app, you can allow your workers to make payments via a prepaid card or provide them with a closed-loop employee card which they can buy coffee with via a monthly allotment. You can also create punch card campaigns and other incentives, boosting their back to work experience. 

Coffee is one of the solutions to making the workplace more pleasant, but if you're thinking even bigger, go with vending machines and micro markets. With vending machines, you can offer snacks and drinks to workers and visitors in your building. With Nayax devices providing a quick and seamless shopping experience, and accepts both contact and contactless payment services.  

Micro markets sell goods to consumers via a self-checkout kiosk. Operators can provide consumers with a wide variety of products in a micro market: from drinks to snacks and even prepared meals. If you offer salads, sandwiches, and other nutritive meals at your micro markets, employees will have access to quick and healthy meals right in their office. This will boost their productivity as it there is no need to leave the facility to find food. 

With Nayax's Nova Market, you can keep track of your sales, inventory, and more, while boosting consumer experience. The Nova Market's interactive interface makes it easy for customers to use. You can gather data to learn what items are bought together to create personalized deals for your clients. For example, if you notice that a lot of people buy iced tea with their tuna sandwich, you can offer a discount on those two items when bought together, encouraging even more people to buy there. 

With Nayax, you can improve employees' back to work experience by delivering easily accessible food and beverages, while building loyalty for your products.  

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Issue 10 - August 2022
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