Issue 19 - February 2024

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Feb 2024 - Message from your CAMA President
Jim Jackson, President

From a Roller Coaster to a Train Ride
When I reflect on the last decade or more of our industry, I realize that we have been on a big roller coaster ride. If you want an example that is a little closer to home, think of your personal investment portfolios: an up and down ride with no sight of any stability.

Sports and Energy Drinks: Facts vs. Fiction
Brian Emmerton, RD, Complete Purchasing Services

The new year, and the natural slowdown of foodservice sales in January allows us time to re-focus our product offering and re-think about which items are optimal to drive sales and maximize margins.

The NAMA Show 2024

Dallas, TX | May 7-9 2024
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Coffee Corner: Looking Beyond the Cup
Craig Noble, Café William/Café Vittoria

We are experiencing a new wave of consumers looking for a ‘cup-o-joe’ that is the most sustainable and environmentally friendly for all industries including retail, office coffee services and vending.

Tech Corner: Have You Tried Turning It Off & On Again?

Experience is one of the best tools in your box – but technology across the industry is evolving every day, and with many operators adding new elements to modernize their business, is your front line keeping up?

Investigating Non-Critical Injuries: Tips To Overcome 4 Common Challenges
Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS)

If investigating non-critical incidents and injuries has been reduced to a paper exercise in your workplace, your ability to continuously improve your safety program is at risk. That’s because finding and correcting root causes is a lot harder without a full investigation, explains WSPS Consultant Kristin Onorato.

Issue 19 - February 2024
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