Issue 4 - August 2021

In this issue:
Message from the CAMA President
Jim Jackson

NEW! Delivery Lockers powered by USI and 365 Retail Markets
U-Select-It & 365 Retail Markets

Our new Delivery Lockers, powered by U-Select-It and 365 Retail Markets, streamline contactless food delivery and pick-up, creating the next generation of onsite delivery.

The 365 PicoCooler is the essential self-service innovation to add to your food service offerings
365 Retail Markets

The award-winning 365 PicoCooler is the most versatile and cost-efficient way to provide your consumers with convenience.

Tech Corner- Achieving exemplary results for superior customer experiences. A Technicians perspective.
Anton Vorobev

Nowadays the satisfaction from the services we provide to our customers, perhaps, matter more to them than prices and variety of products offered. What might that perfect recipe be?
4 key ingredients come to mind as contributing to this goal greatly...

Canada Connect- Independent Operators Leverage Network to Win Big Accounts
Canada Connect

Canada’s independent operators are capitalizing on a rare opportunity for growth and scale through affiliating with a nationwide network of select independent foodservice companies.

EcoCup® Is A Better Cup Of Coffee
Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee Inc.

Recycling goes beyond simply placing materials in a bin.
We are dedicated to enabling recycling of materials that are clean and in high demand.

The Sweet Story on Sugar
Brian Emmerton, RD

Why is sugar becoming the next ‘naughty’ ingredient? Also, do we consume too much sugar?

Macro Green Coffee Market
Brad Gesell

Coffee like so many other commodities are facing a very volatile environment which is the best way to describe the current green coffee market as we turn the calendar to August 2021.

Q&A: Crypto in Unattended Retail with Cantaloupe’s CTO, Ravi Venkatesan.

Cryptocurrency is today’s hot topic in the finance world, and it is here to stay according to Cantaloupe’s (formerly USA Technologies) CTO, Ravi Venkatesan, who discussed the history and future of crypto in an exclusive interview with Vending Market Watch.

The HO.RE.CA. World is ready to relaunch "in person" with 100's Events Programmed!

Iginio Massari’s “Luxury Confectionery around the World” is coming back with some of the most influential voices of the dessert industry!

Why Workplace Screening is more Essential than ever
Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS)

The best way to prevent COVID-19 from entering your business is to screen employees and visitors.

Issue 4 - August 2021
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