Issue 6 - December 2021

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Message from your CAMA President
Jim Jackson, President

Let’s be Thankful
It is without a doubt that the past 20 months have been a difficult time for most of us.

Provide convenience anywhere with the most versatile table-top point of sale system in the industry.
365 Retail Markets

Now available in Canada!
365 PicoMarket provides customers frictionless checkout and grab-and-go snacking with one small countertop system.

Nayax's E-Commerce Shop Now Open to Canadians

Nayax, the leading cashless payment platform for retailers, is excited to announce the expansion of Nayax’s online ecommerce shop!

Coffee Corner - Embracing The Daily Grind
Paul Chan, Club Coffee L.P.

In pursuit of the perfect cup of coffee, the most common elements mentioned in conversation are bean origins, blend composition, and roast colour. Despite being overlooked at times, coffee grind is also a key element required to deliver high performance taste. The importance of grinding should not be underestimated.

Cantaloupe, Inc. Survey Finds Usage of Unattended Retail Grew During Pandemic, Fueled Mostly by Younger Consumers
Cantaloupe, Inc.

Ninety percent of people used unattended retail as much or more during the pandemic according to a recent survey by Cantaloupe, Inc., a digital payments and software services company that provides end-to-end technology solutions for the unattended retail market. However, according to the survey, younger consumers were the most likely to increase usage during that period.

Did You Know? 71% of Consumers Prefer Bean-to-Cup Beverage
Mother Parker’s Tea and Coffee

NEW! Bean-To-Cup Programs From Mother Parkers
We have partnered with a trusted Canadian manufacturer to provide a quality bean-to-cup solution for fresh coffee and coffeehouse favourites at the touch of a button. Or no touch at all.

Delivery Lockers powered by USI & 365 Retail Markets

By the year 2028, the Smart Parcel Locker Market is expected to hit $1630.2 million, according to Fortune Business Insights. Many businesses have made the decision to capitalize on this growing market by offering smart locker solutions for food delivery within their organizations.

Tech Corner - COVID-19: Cleaning and disinfection of vending machine surfaces
Jonathan De Guise, CaféGo

The pandemic has had an immense impact on our lives and our operations and has forced us to rethink and adapt to new standards relating to the cleaning and disinfection of equipment surfaces. Our customers, in response to government public health recommendations, have set up teams to clean and disinfect their premises and sometimes due to lack of communication and training has resulted in some costly consequences for operators.

Vendexis Connected Platform: delivering visibility & improved productivity to operators

It’s tough running a vending operation these days. At Vendexis, we understand the needs of operators and we are dedicated to making technology that works harder for you every day. Integrating seamlessly with existing platforms and systems, our goal is to provide you with what you need to run your business well.

A Look at 2022: Who Your Customers Are and Upcoming Food Trends
Brian Emmerton

As our markets recover and “pent-up demand” continues to give us hope for strong headwinds of growth, it is important to take advantage of opportunities for repeat customers as well as tapping into new ones to help drive success into 2022. The question is, are you paying attention and adapting your offering based on what the greater marketplace is experiencing? Here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

Flu Season is Coming: What Can You Do Now
Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS)

Flu season has begun, and Public Health anticipates more illness and hospitalizations due to the loosening of COVID measures that kept last year’s flu numbers extremely low.
For employers, it’s critical to get a handle on this now, says Janet Carr, WSPS Workplace Mental Health Consultant, before the spread of flu takes a toll on employee health, absenteeism, productivity, and morale.

Issue 6 - December 2021
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