SMART PICK is a national healthy choice program which increases consumer choice by expanding access to healthier food, snack and beverage options for consumers through Vending Merchandisers, Micro-Markets and Break Room Solutions in Canada.

Designed to offer consumers, and encourage them to pick, a healthier choice.

*Pictured right are the item stickers used on the food and beverage items which are a "healthy choice".

The Smart Pick Program

is easy to implement, effective and credible for businesses

involves calculation-free standards

is only available to CAMA members and does not require any outright charges or administrative fees

stickers, labels, posters and wraps for purchase to identify and promote healthier options in vending, micro markets or break room solutions

involves an easy 6-step implementation plan for evaluation


Make the SMART Choice!

CAMA Members who wish to participate in the SMART PICK program are asked to sign the Operator Agreement below.

When membership status is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email including all relevant materials and access to the SMART PICK Sticker Order Form.

Operator Agreement
Agreement PDF

*Pictured left are transparencies that alert customers that healthy choices are available.

SMART PICK Order Forms

Both the printable PDF and the Online Order Forms are available to approved members using the link below.

SMART PICK Order Forms

For technical questions, please email   
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