Issue 7 - February 2022

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Feb 2022 - Message from your CAMA President
Jim Jackson, President

Wouldn’t it be nice if daily conversation didn’t keep circling back to the topic of COVID and how it has disrupted our business and personal lives through restrictions and unnecessary protests?

New Group Benefits Plan Designed Exclusively for Vending, Office Coffee Service and Micro Market Industries
Sirius Benefits, People Corp

CAMA and People Corporation are pleased to announce that effective immediately; Sirius Benefits (a subsidiary of People Corporation) will become the endorsed group benefits provider for all association members. Members of the Association will be eligible to sign up for group health and dental benefits through Sirius. Sirius benefits has created an exclusive offering to CAMA which will provide members preferred pricing and a choice of three coverage options.

67% of Cryptocurrency Owners Willing to Use It for Purchases in a Mobile Wallet
Cantaloupe Inc.

More than a third of consumers between the age 18-54 own cryptocurrency according to a recent study by Cantaloupe Inc.

Let The Brokerhouse Group of Companies Do What They Do Best
Brokerhouse Group

Managing a business through these unprecedented times has certainly brought unique challenges and changes to the “Away from Home” landscape.

A Little Salty Snack: Market Drivers and The Advantage of Choice
Brian Emmerton

Do most of your customers crave salty or sweet snacks? Do they most often purchase chips, nuts, and cured meat selections, or chocolate bars, baked goods, and other sugary treats? Believe it or not, it does vary from coast to coast, and even during different day parts.

How Nayax’s EMV Certified Devices Can Ensure Your Business Growth

You’ve probably heard about EMV (Europay, Mastercard, and Visa), but what does it really mean and how does it affect you? Join us as we discuss what’s new in the world of cashless payments and how Nayax’s EMV certified devices can ensure your business is staying ahead of the curve.
Register for the webinar: March 15th at 1pm EDT

The NAMA Show 2022 Envisions the Future of Convenience Services with ‘Imagination Way’

CAMA Members Register at a Discount for Chicago Event
At a time when change and innovation are leading the convenience services industry to reimagine its future, NAMA is showcasing these opportunities at The NAMA Show 2022, April 6-8, 2022, at Chicago’s McCormick Place.

Tech Corner: Maximising Up Time in a Micro Market
Stevie G - Loyalty Markets Technical Support

One of the challenges with a micro-market is that you earn no revenue if the kiosk is unable to process checkout transactions. In a vending bank you may loose one machine at a time, but in a micro-market you can land up with zero revenue if there is a problem with your checkout terminal.

Avoid the “Great Resignation” with these 9 Best Practices
Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS)

The media have made much of the “Great Resignation,” a phenomenon in which a record number of U.S. employees have walked away from their jobs since the pandemic began. Experts have suggested many reasons for this, but it all comes down to the grass looking greener, or healthier, somewhere else.

Coffee Corner: "What am I Drinking & Where is it From?”
Brad Gesell, Canterbury Coffee

As we start to head towards the end of winter, and with the worst of Omnicron hopefully past us, we can now look back over the past 2 years as the most turbulent time our respective businesses have seen.

Renew Your Membership for 2022!

Membership renewals were released in December 2021. If you have not received your notice, or would like to renew your membership today, please contact
If you have renewed we thank you for your continued support!

Issue 7 - February 2022
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