Issue 10 - August, 2022 - Brokerhouse Group, Vending Products of Canada

The New Innovative LAViT Single Serve Drink System

We are excited to introduce the new innovative LAViT single serve drink system that will be arriving to Brokerhouse Groups national warehouses soon! LAVit equipment will be available for purchase nationally at Brokerhouse Dist. Inc. and André Labbée Inc. and the single serve recyclable EcoCaps™ will be available for purchase at Vending Products of Canada.

See how Lavit can generate more revenue from your customer base!

What is LAViT?

LAViT is a still and sparkling water cooler that offers 25+ flavours in 100% recyclable EcoCaps™. It takes plastic bottles out of your office fridge and puts fun and sustainability back on the table.

Magic in a Capsule

At the center of the LAViT magic is the EcoCap™. They work hard to pack all the good stuff into one little capsule. The potency of vitamins and minerals deteriorate over time when bottled in plastic. With EcoCaps™, it is ensured the vitamins and minerals in your drink do their jobs as efficiently as ever. The crack and peel technology of the EcoCaps™ ensure no cross-contamination between drinks.

Drop, Click and Drink

The EcoCaps™ are low calorie drinks that are 100% recyclable. The machine consists of one CO2 tank that allows you to make 400+ carbonated drinks. It has options of a 5L cold tank and a 1L CO2 tank or it can be connected directly to a water line. Enjoy serving EcoCaps™ from trusted brands like AriZona teas, Bigelow teas, Arnold Palmer and much more!

Drink Well.

LAViT drinks are either completely unsweetened or low calorie, it helps eliminate unhealthy, sugary drinks from your office break room, keeping everyone happy and hydrated.

Do Well.

LAViT believes environmental friendliness is just as important as workplace wellness, and they have worked hard to make sure their EcoCaps™ leave zero plastics and almost no carbon footprint.

This space saving, ultimate beverage system will be a hit in any office and we look forward to sharing more information about the offering to you today! Contact us for more information!


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Issue 10 - August 2022
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